SD/MMC Configuration for WRT54GL v1.1 X-WRT

If you are using Windows you will need the software below

If you are using *nix I'm sure you know what you need:



some basic *nix knowledge

If you are using DD-WRT you shouldn't’t need this document Since there is a radio button to enable the mod if everything was soldered correctly.

It is primarily for OpenWRT/X-WRT. In this Case I am using to X-WRT.

First thing is to start with a clean install of X-WRT

After this insert (copy) the mmc.o module in /lib/modules/2.4.30

You can get the module from here:

or wget

to your lib/modules/2.4.30 directory. Note: that the 2.40.30 number may be different depending on the version.

Then Make the mmc directory using this command:

Edit some files with files editor in X-WRT

In the Startup Directory put :

the wifi command stops the power LED from continuously flashing

Edit: /etc/ipkg.conf and put:

Edit: /etc/profile:

Edit: /etc/init.d/S99done:

comment out the last line(this line is not needed either completely remove it or comment it out with # in front of it)


( this can be added if you don’t use the startup script)

Depending on what your mmc/sd card format is ipkg the appropriate kmod i.e. kmod-fat, kmod-vfat, kmod-ext2

in my case I am using kmod-ext2

When all is complete issue these commands:

(or whatever your format is)

To set the orange light to a constant state or in other words to keep the power led from flashing, use wifi I suggest putting this in start up as I have done above

Then you are done with this you can reboot the router and you should have a full working mmc/sd mod storage running

you can check this by issuing the following command:

Hope this was somewhat helpful.

-- Admin



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